Dear guests and friends,

soon we will once again have the pleasure to be your hosts in the Dolomites and we wish with all our hearts that you will be able to enjoy a safe holiday. For this reason, we will strive to respect the rules we have given ourselves to ensure our health and your own.

Ozone sanitising, distancing, gloves and face masks

After every departure, we sanitise the rooms with ozone to provide the next guests a hygienic and safe environment. We also guarantee and enforce security distancing and offer our guests single-use gloves and face masks.

Cleaning of common areas, ventilation and continuous sanitisation

We clean and sanitise the common areas several times a day, where we offer sanitising gel dispensers.

Every environment is constantly ventilated, and every surface with which contact is common, such as the reception desk, the elevators and its buttons, the toilets in the common areas and the mountain bikes, are also sanitised often throughout the day.

Wellness Area

In case the new Prime Ministerial Decree (DPCM) will forbid the use of Wellness Centers, our Spa will be available to a single room per day, in compliance with the rules.


If the next DPCMs were to force restaurants to close at 6 PM, you will still be able to enjoy our savoury snacks in the pastry shop (open for you until 11 PM) or with delivery menus from our suggested restaurants, either in our cozy living room or in your rooms.

Flexible cancellation policies

Other than our already flexible official cancellation policies, if the new rules within a new DPCM would prevent you from reaching our hotel (such as classification of the region from Yellow to Red), we will not apply fines, even if on arrival day.

And finally…

…we’re as welcoming and friendly as always!

This list of precautions will be constantly updated following the guidelines of the World Health Organisation and our government’s instructions.