Dolomites Experience means something beyond your average mountain holiday, to embark on a true adventure. It is the ideal trip for those who seek excitement and a vacation in the spirit of sports, or simply for those who love to be in contact with nature and rediscover and live it on foot or on a bike. The Dolomites are a true excursion paradise. Their rare beauty can satisfy those who love climbing, expert alpiniststrekking enthusiasts, and both road- and track bikers.

Every day we’ll suggest an easy outing to discover the Dolomites’ most famous treks and a guided excursion with Alessandro, our Alpine guide, to safely explore the most challenging paths.


Over 400 kilometres of marked trails offer a broad choice of trekking both on your own or with the help of our alpine guide Alessandro. In our hotel you will be able to consult and borrow the most up-to-date guides and maps of the Dolomites, for free.

The bright blue lake of Sorapiss, the tour of mount Pelmo, the trail linking Passo Giau to the Mondeval plateau and the Croda da Lago are just some of the tours we suggest to discover a natural heritage of undoubted and invaluable charm.

You’ll make unforgettable memories, because in the Dolomites, beauty reaches staggering heights!


For the climber, Cortina and its surroundings are without a doubt a paradise for the sheer amount and beauty of its mountains, with six peaks over 3000 metres.

The 850 itineraries of athletic climbing and 1000 climbing routes award Cortina and Cadore the title of undisputed kingdom of climbing, with countless cliffs, some almost hidden in the woods, others in magnificently scenic spots.

The beautiful Cinque Torri constitute an historic outdoor gym with a great variety of routes, perfect for both the novice and the experienced climber. All around, breathtaking views make climbing in Cortina a one-in-a-lifetime experience.




Equipped with harness, helmet, safety clips and adventurous spirit it is possible to reach unforgettable peaks thanks to the many via ferratas. These are routes fitted with metal cables tethered to the rock which help the ascent, and which were often prepared by Italian and Austrian soldiers during the First World War.

Cortina and the Dolomites offer up to 15,000 metres of via ferratas, ranging from brief, fun routes like the Barbara ferrata on the waterfalls of Fanes, to challenging tours like the adventurous Di Bona ferrata or the vertical Sci Club 18 and to extremely scenic routes like the via ferrata of the Tofane or that of the Sorapiss group.




San Vito di Cadore is crossed by the Lunga Via delle Dolomiti, a cycling route which connects the Val Pusteria to Cortina and Cadore and is a part of the “Friendship cycle path Munich-Venice”. Once the path of the Blue Train of the Dolomites, today it’s a relatively easy itinerary suitable for everyone whose path follows clear bodies of water, rushing streams, small villages and majestic mountains.

Mountain bike lovers can explore the forests and the mountains of San Vito and Cortina through evocative that are often scenic but can also be adrenaline-pumping. On a street bike one cannot miss out on the experience of crossing dolomitic passes, on the most exciting and historic stages of the Giro d’Italia.



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