There are places which will remain in our memories and our hearts. San Vito di Cadore is a wonderful town cradled by the nearby mountains, massive and majestic, known for their breathtakingly beautiful dawns and sunsets.

Try to wake up early, when the sunrise paints Mount Pelmo an intense pink and the sweet scent of our krapfens and brioches spreads through the whole village. We promise you will wake up with a smile.


We follow the recipes our Grandfather Giovanni passed on to us. Our Sacher Torte is the same one that he invented in 1947, the recipe for our Millefoglie’s cream didn’t change throughout the years, and the jam we use in our krapfens is the result of a thorough selection.

Many ask us the secret of our Cheesecake and what makes it so special. Obviously, it’s a secret!

Our Strudel is made with an extremely thin puff pastry and its apples are fresh, its almonds whole, the pine nuts and raisins are well dosed and we add nothing to it save for a bit of cinnamon.

Our pastry chefs have managed to implement our grandfather’s production with new recipes such as the famous “Squirrel pie” with almonds and cocoa, a buckwheat cake and one with chocolate and raspberries.


Breakfast at Fiori’s is a feast with an infinite selection of krapfens and brioches, our very own creamy cappuccino, fresh squeezed fruit juices, hot chocolate and strudel, apple pie, Linzer pie with blackberries and why not, a toast. Yes, Fiori’s own toast, the king of quick meals while hiking in our mountains, classic or stuffed with artichokes, together with a small choice of great sandwiches, bread pizzas and tramezzini. The afternoon is a moment for large ice cream cups with wild berries, a Sacher Torte with our grandmother Gelinda’s hot chocolate, fruit baskets and cream-filled beignets.

At 6 our pastry shop transforms into a wine and cocktail bar while one can enjoy the finest Alpenglow of the Dolomites while sipping a well prepared Negroni, a fruity Giorgione, a great Fiori Stark.

And also spritz, prosecco and a great selection of regional wines among others. Everything served along Carlotta’s dainty appetizers.


Are you invited to dinner? No meal is complete without Fiori’s pastry: "meringues" eggnog beignets and "fruit cobblers" are only some of our most beloved presents.

It’s a well-established tradition to end your mountain holiday by taking home with you a Fiori strudel, for yourselves to enjoy or as a present for someone dear.

All of our products can be bought to take out and is elegantly gift-wrapped.

On Christmas we make our own Panettone only with the best ingredients and for Easter you can choose among Colombe or our own Easter Eggs, with a surprise, naturally.

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