There are places which will remain in our memories and our hearts. San Vito di Cadore is a wonderful town cradled by the nearby mountains, massive and majestic, known for their breathtakingly beautiful dawns and sunsets.

Try to wake up early, when the sunrise paints Mount Pelmo an intense pink and the sweet scent of our krapfens and brioches spreads through the whole village. We promise you will wake up with a smile.


We follow the recipes our Grandfather Giovanni passed on to us. Our Sacher Torte is the same one that he invented in 1947, the recipe for our Millefoglie’s cream didn’t change throughout the years, and the jam we use in our krapfens is the result of a thorough selection.

Many ask us the secret of our Cheesecake and what makes it so special. Obviously, it’s a secret!

Our Strudel is made with an extremely thin puff pastry and its apples are fresh, its almonds whole, the pine nuts and raisins are well dosed and we add nothing to it save for a bit of cinnamon.

Our pastry chefs have managed to implement our grandfather’s production with new recipes such as the famous “Squirrel pie” with almonds and cocoa, a buckwheat cake and one with chocolate and raspberries.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for you we prepared a rich buffet, both healthy and delicious at the same time.

Fiori Breakfast means that all the pastries are rigorously prepared by our pastry chefs, bread is fresh even on Sundays, coffees and cappuccinos are espressos, the fruit is fresh and high-quality and so are the cold cuts and the cheese, and the jams and the tea are the best we ever tasted.

We also have biological eggs and bacon. You will be charmed by our small buffet with seasonal vegetables, together with our selection of locally sourced cheese, both fresh and seasoned. Don’t miss out on our goat cheese and the salami made on our cousins’ farm.


Tea time is the joy of every child and hardly any adult doesn’t appreciate it as well.

In the afternoon, back from a day skiing or maybe just a hike in the Dolomites, you will find waiting for you a small buffet with cakes, pastries and salty delicacies from our patisserie. You can try our take on the famous Sacher torte, our wild berry pie, eggnog beignes, our “Squirrel” cake and, for Carnival, the typical fritters with cream.


Between 6 and 9 pm is the time for “aperitivo”.

Expertly prepared cocktails and a rich selection of wines, both local and international are accompanied by many creative appetizers.

This is an appointment you will not want to miss!